Händel, G. F.. Saul, HWV53

Saul (HWV 53) is Händel´s dramatic oratorio in three acts. The original libretto was written by Charles Jennens, who based it on the First Book of Samuel. The masterpiece was first performed under Händel´s direction at Haymarket Theatre, London, on 16th January 1739. The story focuses on the relationship between the main characters, Saul, the first king of Israel, and David, his successor. David´s initial admiration turns into envy and hatred, which finally leads to a downfall of the ruler.


  • Saul, bass: Adam Plachetka
  • David, countertenor: Andreas Scholl
  • Merab, soprano: Natalia Rubis
  • Michal, soprano: Kristýna Vylíčilová
  • Jonathan, tenore: Krystian Adam/Rupert Charlesworth
  • High Priest, tenore: Tadeáš Hoza


5-4-3-2-2 | 2fl, 2ob, 2fg, 2tr, 3trb, timp | arp, cemb, org, the (32 players)


5S, 5A, 5T, 5B (20 singers)

Conductor: Roman Válek

Date of concert premiére: 16th January 2019 | Brno – Brno Philharmonic Hall

Date of scenic premiere: 25th July 2019 | Znojmo Music Festival

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